As the situation with the Coronavirus changes on a daily basis, we want to keep you informed about the policies you have in place or are looking to purchase from us. We are working with our partners to ensure that new and existing customers get the information they need.

As well as the summaries for each of our major policies posted below, we advise you to read through the individual statements posted on our partner’s websites. You may also want to visit some third- party websites such as Protection Guru, where you can find more information. There are links to these at the bottom of the page.

Read on for information regarding our four major policies.

Life Insurance:

All our insurers will pay out on claims made as a result of COVID-19, assessing the claims against the terms and conditions of the policy contracts.

Critical Illness:

Many of our partners will cover critical illness claims when contracting COVID-19 led to a critical illness that is covered by their policy. We advise checking your policy for details before making a claim.

Income Protection:

Our insurers will cover Income Protection claims due to COVID-19 dependent on the terms and conditions of their individual policies. For example, if the symptoms of the virus mean you’re booked off work, Old Mutual will pay you up to 100% of the net income you lose*.

Private Health:

Vitality are offering a COVID-19 Cashback benefit for their health insurance members. If you are hospitalised due to COVID-19, you can claim a maximum of £5000. See Vitality website for full details.

*Longer than your waiting period (7 days / 1 month).

For current customers “We’re continuing to pay all valid claims and committed to giving you access to valuable protection insurance.”

For potential customers “At the moment we have no exclusions for coronavirus on any of our policies. We’ve introduced some new questions to help us give access to insurance for customers, but also take into account the risks of the current situation.”

For current customers “We’re all facing the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this. Our primary aim is to support our customers at the times when they most need it, and this is unchanged.”

For potential customers “People may be off work due to self-isolation without necessarily experiencing symptoms. Our Income Protection Benefit terms state that individuals would need to have a medical condition to qualify. However, we will consider the medically advised 2 week period of self-isolation as counting towards any work absence, even if the coronavirus (Covid-19) has not yet been diagnosed.”

For current / potential customers “Where a policyholder has a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus, we’ll assess and pay their claim in the usual way reflecting their chosen waiting period and the policy terms and conditions.”

For current / potential customers “Our usual process for Income Protection claims is to get confirmation from the customer’s GP that they’re unable to work. If this confirmation isn’t available, for example if a customer has to self-isolate, our claims team will agree alternatives to ensure that we can pay claims quickly.”

For current customers “Life and CI claims will be assessed as normal, subject to the usual claim assessment and meeting of the claim definitions.”

For potential customers “We don’t have any blanket exclusions due to coronavirus.”

For current customers “Vitality is operating normal service hours and you can Contact us in the usual ways. We additionally have robust business continuity plans in place if the situation changes.”

For potential customers “All of Vitality’s life insurance plans including life insurance, Serious Illness Cover and Income Protection continue to be available for new members.”

For current customers “There’s no change to the policy or any impact on your cover”

For potential customers “We recognise the financial impact coronavirus is having and we’re doing everything we can to help.”

For current / potential customers “Any claims as a result of the coronavirus will be payable, subject to the usual terms and conditions of the policy. There are no epidemic or pandemic exclusions that apply to any of our individual protection policies. Clients can rest assured they continue to be protected by MetLife.”

For current / potential customers “We continue to assess claims against the terms and conditions of the policy contracts. If a claim is valid and meets all claim criteria, we will pay. This includes claims as a result of Covid-19.”

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